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Dialogues #8 
Between the Organic and the Spatial

Participants: Gordon Williamson, Emilia Benitez, Sylvie Boisseau & Frank Westermeyer, and Farout Artistic Research (Beatriz Pomés, Sef Hermans, Igor Saenz)

Curated by Sef Hidde Hermans

August  2023 - 

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Dialogues: A Hybrid Art Project is based on the exploration of hybrid spaces of exchange and art interventions that blend physical and virtual realities in new configurations. The project promotes notions of connectivity via art and interactions that blend private/public conceptions of space.  

The first round of Dialogues in July 2022, curated by Elisavet Kalpaxi with the valuable help of Konstantinos Panapakidis, sought to instigate a dialogue between eight artists. The participating artist exchanged artworks and installed them in their personal spaces for a period of 10 days. During that period the artworks were publicly available on this site through relevant documentation and live streaming events (Dialogues #1).

Alongside the virtual exhibition, the project involved a series of discussions between the artists to enable further interactions and reflections. 
Part of this, was the decision to invite more artists to form their own rounds of dialogues. We created an instructional booklet, our ‘formula’, which describes all the processes involved in making the project, and which can be found on the menu of this site. It is envisioned that some new rounds of Dialogues will be instigated in July every year, with a shared opening event. But the formula is available for appropriation according to the participants’ priorities. 
© Dialogues 2023
© Dialogues 2023