Dialogues:  A Hybrid Art Project

July 2023

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Curatorial Team:

Elisavet Kalpaxi,
Konstantinos Panapakidis


The Formula


Dialogues #1



‘Dialogues: A Hybrid Art Project’ is based on the exploration of hybrid spaces of exchange and art interventions that blend physical and virtual realities in new configurations. The project promotes notions of connectivity via art and explores notions of interaction and mediation that transcend physical/virtual dichotomies and private/public conceptions of space.  

The first instance of this project in July 2022 sought to instigate a dialogue between eight independent artists. The participating artist exchanged artworks to experience them in their own personal space for a period of 10 days (their home, studio, a familiar space, or simply where they were). During that period the artworks were publicly available on this site through relevant documentation and live streaming (see windows below). Alongside the virtual exhibition, the project involved a series of one-to-one online encounters between the artists to enable further interactions around the shared ecology of the project’s platform.

The first exhibition was accompanied by an effort to reflect on the outcomes of this first instance of the project. 
Part of this reflection, was the decision to allow the project to grow by inviting more artists to form their own dialogues, by replicating the project as is described in The Formula, which can be found on the menu of this site. This way, we would like to create a framework of more opportunities for connecting via art.

Dialogues #1

20-31 July 2022
Virtual Opening Event: 20 July, 6-7pm (BST)

Participating Artists:

Thanasis Foteinias
Nela Milic
Marie Molterer
Basil Olton
Messua Poulin Wolff
Ann Shuptrine
Klaus Wehner
Wei-Hsiang Weng

The windows below offer a glimpse to the exhibition. Artists exchanged work and installed it in their own spaces for the duration of the exhibition. The work was live-streamed allowing to witness the artists’ work presented in their partnered artists’ spaces. Viewing times for the duration of the exhibition could be found underneath each window.    

Klaus Wehner, Höchste Freuden des Lebens, digital photomontage, 2022, presented in Thanasis Foteinias’s studio in Athens.

Work info

Streaming dates-times:
Thursday 21st July, 4-7pm
Friday 22nd July, 10am-1pm
Saturday 23rd July, 12am-3pm

Basil Olton, I am most coloured when placed against a white background (part of ‘Clay as Camera’ series), 2017, glazed ceramic, presented in Ann Shuptrine’s home in London.

Work info

Streaming dates-times:
Monday 25th July, 10am-6pm

Wei-Hsiang Weng, Puddle, 2020, 3D printed objects, presented in Messua Poulin-Wolff’s family place in Normandy, France.

Work info

Streaming dates-times:
Friday 22nd July, 10-11am
Monday 25th July, 3-4pm
Tuesday 26th July, 5-6pm
Wednesday 27th July, 12-1pm
Friday 29th July, 1-2pm
Sunday 31st July, 10-11am
Marie Molterer, Play Scarf, 2021, textile piece

Work info

Marie Molterer‘s textile piece Play Scarf would be presented in Nela Milic‘s apartment in Belgrade. The piece will not be streamed because of streaming problems in Serbia.

Messua Poulin-Wolff’s, Hortus Conclusus, 2019-2020, dyes on rag, presented in Wei-Hsiang Weng’s garden in London.

Work info

Streaming dates-times
Sunday 24th July, 1-5pm
Wednesday 27th July, 1-5pm

Nela Milic,‘Wedding Ballas’, 2011, photographs, presented in Marie Molterer’s home in Germany.

Work info

Streaming dates-times:
Wednesday 20th July, 6-9pm
Thursday 21st July, 9-11am
Friday 22nd July, 4-5pm
Sunday 24th July, 7-8pm
Thursday 28th July, 7-8pm
Saturday 30th July, 10am-12pm

Ann Shuptrine, Vital Signs, 2022, durational performance, presented in Basil Olton’s Highgate Art School in London.

Work info

Streaming dates-times:
Sunday 24th July, 11am-5pm
Thanasis Foteinias, Elephant Skin, 2022, paint, wooden frame, electric wires, light, presented in Klaus Wehner’s home in Berlin.

Work info

Streaming dates-times
Monday 25th July, 4-7.30pm
Thursday 28th July, 4-7.30pm

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© Dialogues 2022